Your workplace becomes the set, your staff, the talent. With this approach we highlight your business in video. We apply the right audio & video sequences and Voila! It's a 30 second or more showpiece. Wedding videos are documentaries


We create a commercial for your business, such as you see on TV, but costing a fraction. This production requires a team at Media Architects to consider the "story line", write the script, and find talent, or use your staff if you like


Co. Reporting

Reports that need to be disseminated to company personnel and investers become accessible with video. We can record a meeting, presentation or executive greeting, and make that video available for view on your website



Do you want to sell more products from your technical inventory? Buyers will need to know how they work. Providing training through video is an added value for a site, and you can get paid for your training content!

Product / R.E.

Highlight product features

through video, including home or commercial real estate videos. Informative and engaging, video makes potential buyers into real estate owners. Knock out your R.E. competition with video on your website!

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Please contact us to let us know what kind of video you would like us to produce. Three main types include:

1. Documentary Style & Informational Videos (including training/instructional videos)


We videotape what you want to feature about your business or particular product(s). We'll guide you to write a narrative if necessary, decide on the staff you want to participate, and guide you to prepare the production area (e.g., a manufacturing floor, front office, salon, classroom or any location where a neat, quiet environment can be achieved). It's our camera work and story optimizing editing abilities; your content. Usually 1-3 minutes long. This is an affordable approach for even small businesses.


2. Commercial Advertising Style


We'll assist you in making a decision about the essential theme/story and the length of a video ad. In the case of a commercial, Media Architects' Creative Skills-Meet-Business -Development in our approach. It's often 30 seconds to 1 minute long.


Note that whether a video is to be published on a TV station or not (versus just a website) will influence production and costs. Please note that this should be determined before production starts.


3. Event Videos


Our main goal is to be virtually unnoticed while simultaneously in the thick of the event. We unobtrusively capture the people and environment from a professional's documentary perspective. Special events, like weddings, will be a prized possession, whether on a website we design for the occasion, or if we provide the video in a format of your choice with no online posting (please ask us about film versus video before production).

business presentation videos and training videos
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medical videos & pharmaceutical videos

medical doctor video production 


unique business service videos: dog care
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concert & theatrical presentation videos
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Video-for web produces videos for all Special Family events including wedding videos in MA and wedding videos in NH. Videos are recorded throughout Eastern New England, Consider us for special events such as Bar Mitzfah vidoe production, and Bat Mitzfah videos; First Communion videography, videos for graduation, Baby Christening and Baby Dedication videos, done the way a professional produces a video: with high grade equipment, and an eye for important content that will be appreciated for a lifetime.


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